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Pozovite, pošaljite e-mail, zatražite PONUDU po meri Vaše organizacije, ODGOVOR očekujte istog dana!

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Penetracioni Test

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Imamo u ponudi uslugu PENETRACIONI TEST 

"po meri Vaše organizacije" kako bismo proverili bezbednost informacija sa kojima poslujete

(web napad na mrežu spolja i server side napad na informacioni sistem iznutra)

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Penetration testing

Ako Vam je potreban know-how, pohađajte PECB trening kurseve!

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ISACA Glossary, 2013:       


„A penetration test, occasionally pentest, is a method of evaluating computer and network security by simulating an attack on a computer system or network from external and internal threats.“



Institut za standarde i tehnologije doo Beograd (IST) according to Information Security Management System ISO 27001 will conduct a Penetration test in your organization designed to help organisations with limited resources understand and manage their information and cyber-security risks. It helps you to approach the protection of your information from all angles to make sure no holes have opened up that could put your information assets at risk!


  • Penetration Testing - WEB ATTACK
  • Penetration testing - SERVER SIDE ATTACK
  • XSS, Fuzz Testing, XSRF
  • Database Assesment (SQL Injection)
  • Scapy, XPath Injection
  • Metasploit, Session Hijack
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Password attack, Live Hosts Scan
  • Sniffing/Spoofing
  • Vulnerability Scanner


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Return on Information Security Investments! How do you know if your computers and network are an easy target for hackers? The simple answer is that you don’t. And that’s where the penetration testing part of our service comes in. Using industry-leading tools Institut za standarde i tehnologije doo Beograd will scan (in just 2 weekends) your network and computers for vulnerabilities that an attacker could use to break in. We’ll come back every six months to make sure no holes have opened up that could put your information assets at risk!


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Professional Advice.

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For an improvement of your business we will engage the best Consultants who are  experienced and educated for the ISO Standards you want to implement..

Friendly Service.

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We would like to help you how to prepare your ISO documents and your records as better as possible..

Help Implementation.

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We are at your disposal during and after implementation and certification of ISO Standards. Plan - Do - Check - Act cycle is our moto..